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Stephen Holbrook - Is coming back to the Midlands in 2014

Stephen Holbrook - Is coming back to the Midlands in  2014

Dates Available:

  1. 14-Jul-2014
  2. Sep-2014:
    1. 02,
    2. 28. 
  3. Nov-2014:
    1. 23,
    2. 25. 


As these evenings sell out please book in advance if possible to avoid disappointment - thank you

Book on-line


  or book by phone on 01823 666292 Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

Come and enjoy an evening of Clairvoyance with Spiritualist Stephen Holbrook.

Our special evenings have been arranged for you on various dates in 2014  book early to avoid disappointment on the night.


Ticket prices for 2014 £17 in advance, and £18 on the door (if still available some venues sell out ).

Doors open 6.45pm Show starts 7.30pm

                                           2014 Dates


14th July 2014 - The Town Hall - Sutton Coldfield

2nd September 2014 - The Edgbaston Palace Hotel - Birmingham

28th September 2014 - The Village Hotel - Coventry

23rd November 2014 - The Hinckley Island Hotel - Hinckley

25th November 2014 - The Village Hotel - Solihull


  'these evenings are for entertainment purposes only' 




That is one of the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Is there really ‘life after death’? Clairaudient Medium Steve Holbrooks’ main claim is that, indeed, life does go on. Night after night in packed theatres across the UK, Steve passes messages on to people in the audience from relatives who have moved on to their spiritual home. You too can see for yourself why he is so popular, as he visits a town or city near you and claims that our spirit never dies, just moves on to a different level, a spirit that retains a love for the living and a memory that will never die.

Steve has worked successfully for over 30 years in the UK, and has worked on many Caribbean cruises, and a Mediterranean cruise. He will pass messages on from our loved ones in the most accurate detail, and is commonplace in Steves shows. On one occasion, a lady was being spoken to by her mother in the spirit world, who mentioned a pink poodle – it turns out the daughter had been making home-made tomato soup for her mother while she was ill, but it tasted so bad she fed it to their pet dog, and it turned its fur pink! Who on earth would know such random details, unless the loved one was communicating through Steve?

Steve is actually a ‘Clairaudient’ medium rather than Clairvoyant, so he hears the spirits rather than sees them, and sees himself as a telephone exchange between this world and the next. The evenings really take you on a roller coaster of emotions, comfort and joy, and from laughter to tears and back again! One lady was once receiving a message from her late husband, and just as Steve was about to give her some proof, she shouted ‘Send him back, I couldn’t stand him!’ It just goes to prove that it’s not always those who you want to come through that do so initially.  

Steve has 3 books out – Light in the Darkness, Out of this World, and Survival, the most recent. A true insight into the day to day life of a working medium, Steves beliefs on many areas of Spiritualism, and a great background into Steves life. We are always being prompted for a new one, so hold on, and watch this space!

One of Steves best friends is the multi talented Jane MacDonald, singer and presenter on ITV’s Loose Women. Steve met Jane in a Spiritualist Church many years ago, and predicted she would be on BBC TV as part of a cruise entertainment documentary. She didn’t believe it, but the year after it came true and she was the start of The Cruise, the first docu-soap, and she had the biggest selling debut album of all time. She has dedicated her auto-biography to Steve, calling her him her inspiration and guru, and can’t thank him enough for being their when she needs guidance.

Steve has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities over the years, over £50000 for his local hospice in Wakefield, £5000 for MacMillan Support, and most recently our current total for PACT – a charity that helps terminally ill children across the UK – is over £18000. He is dedicated to raising money and awareness for this charity.





TO BOOK SIMPLY CALL 01823 666292 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.30pm)  Book in advance to avoid disappointment





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